an introduction to me

Hi, My name is Josh. I have been a videographer/photographer/editor in the Grand Rapids area since 2008. I have a HUGE passion for visual media and love new projects and working with clients to create new and exciting ideas. A little bit of background, I dropped out of art school in the early 2000's because I spent all my time making music videos with friends and exploring photography. I worked in a furniture warehouse for five years and graduated film school in 2009. I interned for a few years and took the leap as a full time photographer/videographer and haven't looked back since. Film school taught me the importance of telling a story and I put that into every single job I do. Whether it's a simple photoshoot or a big budget commercial project, there is always a story to tell.

I interned with a high-end portrait photographer in Grand Rapids right out of film school. We shot business and family portraits for the most influential people in west Michigan. I even got a chance to work on shoots with national celebrities including Ken Burns, Dave Ramsey and Eric Metaxas. Not only did I learn how to use a camera, I learned how to search for the right composition and capture it with the best light possible. I stayed on board as he launched an online retail business and learned product photography. About that time I discovered architectural photography and instantly fell in love with it. A majority of my contract photography work over the past 6 years has been architectural photography and I have loved every second of it.

I first started with a cheap handycam, two VCR's, and a CD player. Fast forward 8 years and I was hired for my first big budget commercial project as lead editor. Over the years, I started venturing into other positions. I was the producer for the feature length documentary "Pershing's Last Patriot" in 2010, In 2015 I was hired as a Script Supervisor and Digital Image Technician (DIT) for various commercial projects. In 2018 I was the lead cinematographer for two narrative music videos and in 2019 I was hired as Director and Cinematographer for a regional TV spot. What I love most about what I do is helping my clients tell their story. When we achieve that, everybody wins.